Founded in 2015 by Andrea (Andy) Arden Reese and Jenn Pina, ASA was born out of the desire to bring a collaborative group of theatre artists together on Cape Cod who are committed to train rigorously, to innovate performance, to escape theatrical convention.

The mission of ASA Theatre is two-fold. First, to create a LAB for theatre artists to deeply investigate, experiment, and explore the medium of theatre. Second, to build a core ENSEMBLE of theatre artists within the Cape Cod community to create provocative choreographic theatre through a collaborative process.

We research our work through the lens of ASA’s three main tenets – relentless Authenticity, absolute Specificity, reckless Abandon. It is these 3 tenets that are our benchmark for excellence. ASA is both our training ground and our inspiration – deepening and expanding in what we know, exploring possibilities in what we don’t.